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KliVenTo perform heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and gas installations in the volume of the complete engineering - consulting, research, design, delivery (direct import), installation, operation, commissioning, warranty and service.

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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions regulate the relations between KliVenTo Ltd. (owner of the online shop and the customers of electronic store (hereinafter Website). These terms apply to all customers. By selecting any item, link or button located on pages (except links to these Terms and conditions), the user agrees, accepts and undertakes to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

“GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS”: means these general terms and conditions. By clicking on any link, button or application available on the site without the link indicating these general terms and conditions the user explicitly and unconditionally agrees with these general terms and conditions for making use of the site and online store.

Registration procedure of the site is absolutely voluntary and free. The site can be seen by the users free without registration to be required. For registration purposes it is necessary to fill in a registration form which is situated HERE.

Fields which are supposed to be obligatory filled in are marked with an asterisk. Upon successful registration the user will receive a user name and password and in this way be enabled to enter into created for him/her profile within the site.


By an electronic order from online store one can buy solely and only such commodities which the system allows to be added to the market basket of the customer;

Whole information about offered for sale commodities through online store including, but not limited only to technical characteristics, warranty terms, means of usage, etc, are provided by manufacturer,  of relevant commodity as KliVenTo does not bear any responsibility in the event of false, incorrect or imprecise presented information, true information however presented in a misleading way, talk at cross-purposes with regard to presented factual and real situation as well as in case of spelling mistakes.


All presented in the site prices are in BGN and are valid solely and only by the moment of its publication. KliVenTo will reserve itself the right without prior notice to change them at any time. Prices presented in the site are final and include all taxes and charges, save the delivery price, which is quoted separately.

Orders can place only users who have accepted general terms and conditions. To place an order you have to fill in an order form following the procedure described HERE.




The user may pay the price of commodity ordered through the online store making use at his/her desire one of the following means:

1. Cash on delivery.

2. Bank  transfer.

3. Payment in cash in the office of the Company.

All payments shall be made in BGN.

 Irrespectively of the selected way of payment, the user gives his/her explicit and unconditional agreement to pay in advance to KliVenTo the whole selling price of the commodity ordered through the online store. In the event of payment by cash on delivery or bank transfer, the purchaser receives from the courier an invoice where the ordered commodity is indicated, the selling price due, as well as the delivery price. The purchaser gives the courier the amount of money equal to the whole sum (including commodity price and delivery price) indicated on the invoice, which is noted on the delivery -acceptance check, (certifying delivery of commodity indicated on the invoice from courier to the purchaser) which serves as a receipt. On signing the delivery –acceptance check the purchaser empower the courier to submit on his/her behalf and at his/her expense to KliVenTo the amount of money representing the selling price of delivered commodity.


Distance sales agreement between KliVenTo and the user is considered concluded since the moment of confirmation of particular order on behalf of the KliVenTo Ltd.

Delivery of ordered commodity

1. By courier
The delivery of ordered commodity through the online store is carried out by a courier. Deliveries are carried out only within the geographic territory of Republic of Bulgaria which excludes deliveries to Bulgarian overseas diplomatic missions, embassies, ships and planes under Bulgarian flag, etc., which under the norms of international law are considered part of the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. Upon delivery the receiver signs acceptance-delivery check which certifies exact performance of the order

2. Receiving by our warehouse in Sofia.

Delivery time

Delivery time-limits for commodities ordered through an online store are as follows: 1. For commodities labeled "Available" ordered till – three working days, reckoned from the day following the day on which the order has been placed. (Without non working days and holidays).

2. For ordered goods labeled "available after request", you will receive notification of the time of delivery together with our confirmation of your order.

These time limits shall apply insofar as they do not contradict the terms of delivery published by  courier Speedy.

KliVenTo reserves itself the right unilaterally, without prior notice to consumer to extend indicated time-limits up to seven days. Commodities are delivered to the consignees in a standard manner – by hand, sign and receive as larger consignments (under consideration of the person carrying out the delivery) are delivered up to the doorstep of the building. If due to impossible or difficult circumstances consignments cannot reach the addressee in person the former are delivered as follows: 1) To official address – to a person who is a permanent employee at this address as the name and position/department of the person who received consignment are noted down. 2) To a home address – to a member of the household, as the name of the person who received the consignment and his/her relationship with the consignee are noted down. If it becomes impossible for consignment to be delivered during the first visit through no fault of KliVenTo and/or the courier (in case nobody has been found at the address, etc) the person who is performing the delivery leaves a notice in which gives a contact phone number so that the addressee can call back within three working days in order to fix a new time-limit for delivery. If it becomes impossible for consignment to be delivered during the second visit through no fault of KliVenTo and/or the courier the distance sales agreement shall be automatically terminated, as in this case KliVenTo shall keep all paid amount of money by purchaser as a sanction for his/her failure to abide by the agreement.

The said above in the previous sentence refers for cases when the addressee groundlessly rejects to accept a certain consignment.

Denial of concluded agreement and reimbursement of paid price

Pursuant to Article 55, section 1 of the Consumers Protection Act a Purchaser who possesses the quality of a consumer under Consumers Protection Act within a seven day period from delivery is entitled without owing indemnity or forfeit and without giving reason to deny concluded agreement to return ordered commodity under the following conditions:

1) The Consumer should inform beforehand in writing KliVenTo at the following email address:  that pursuant to Article 55, paragraph 1, of the Consumes Protection Act he/she denies the agreement as indicating obligatory bank account on which paid by him/her price for returned commodity to be reimbursed.  The customer will receive e-mail from KliVenTo with address of store of KliVenTo, where the ordered goods must be returned. 2) Commodity shall be returned by the consumer himself/herself or by empowered by him/her person holding power of attorney in writing with certified by a Notary public signature of the consumer in indicated in the previous item store of KliVenTo. 3. Original packing of the manufacturer should not be opened and the integrity of protective stickers of KliVenTo should remain undisrupted. 4. All transportation and other expenses related to the deliver and return of the commodity are entirely on the account of the consumer. Till the moment of return of the commodity on behalf of the consumer to KliVenTo the consumer carries the risk of eventual loss or damage of the product. In the event the consumer make use of his/her right under Article 55, paragraph 1 of the Consumers Protection Act provided that he/she has fulfilled mentioned above terms and conditions, KliVenTo shall be obligated to reimburse the paid price through bank channels (on a bank account in the form mentioned above) within period of 15 working days after return of the commodity.

Protection of the personal data

With the acceptance of these  Conditions the user shall provide for his/her termless and unconditional consent, to its eventual explicit revocation in writing, that the personal data provided by him/her should be collected, stored, processed and used by KliVenTo and/or third persons authorized by the Company, inclusive of but not limited to: companies providing courier services, banks and others, for the objectives of the execution of the contract for remote sale and supply of ordered goods, marketing and advertising objectives and analysis of KliVenTo, participation in games, promotions and raffles organized by the Company as well as for any other objectives not prohibited by the legislation. The user may at any time receive information whether the personal data provided by him/her are processed and used by KliVenTo as well as the objectives of the processing and the use.

Review of commodity. Reclamations

Upon delivery of commodity the consumer is obligated to make a review of it immediately and in case he/she has found evident defects, the lack of some of accompanying accessories and/or any of the required by the Bulgarian law documents to notify immediately the person who performs the delivery. If he/she fails to do it the object is considered approved as the consumer looses his/her right later to claim that his/her commodity has been delivered with certain defects, the lack of some of accompanying accessories and/or any of the required by the Bulgarian law documents. Reclamations for purchased goods through online store are carried out under the rules of the Consumers Protection Act and in compliance with time-limits and conditions of its commercial warranty. Complaint address: 1407, Sofia, Lozenetz, blvd. 33 B James Baucher, phone 02/ 86 86 099

The guarantees

Each product comes with a warranty card.  The guarantees that KliVenTo  Ltd  cover are in full compliance with the manufacturer's warranty of the product. The price for the purchase of goods do not include any services related to installation, supervision of installation and commissioning, tuning, performance and warranty service. Prices for these services are negotiated additionally. 


KliVenTo commits itself to provide only the services presented on the site in the manner they are presented. Comprehensive information presented on the site including, but not limited only to design, availabilities, prices and location of the commodities is valid solely and only by the moment of its presentation, as KliVenTo reserves itself the right at any time to alter it without prior notice. Consumer’s responsibility is to check regularly the terms and conditions for making use of the site as well as provided information about purposes, availabilities, etc., so that he/she can be kept aware in due time whether certain changes have occurred in them. In any case the change has forward action and does not affect confirmed on behalf of KliVenTo prior to the change orders. In the event additional approval from our part is required and it should be given in anyway otherwise irrespectively of order conformation the same will be considered invalid. KliVenTo will not be responsible for content and security of sites to which links are forwarded from published links on this site. The click on such links and the use of sites to which the same have been forwarded is performed by the user of this site entirely on his/her sole risk and responsibility. In the events when it is necessary the users of the site are obligated to present correctly and in full required from them data.

 KliVenTo is not responsible for non-performance of order in the event when user has given false, incomplete and/or imprecise personal data, including when he/she has given incomplete, imprecise and fictional address. User’s obligation is to protect confidentiality of provided to him/her by  user’s name and KliVenTo password. Any order made through online store will be considered on behalf of  KliVenTo as regular one  if when  it was placed user’s name and password had been used in a way the system accepted as a valid one irrespectively of the fact whether the same had been used by a person different from the titular or from unauthorized person.

When the user has given his/her consent KliVenTo is entitled to send him/her information about promotions, games, lotteries, etc. Access to the site resources and online store for incorrect users will be locked. Accounts of users who violate the terms and conditions of making use of the site and online store as well as accounts of users who are using them in an inappropriate way will be deleted. For unsettled under these general terms and conditions matters the provisions of existing Bulgarian legislation shall apply. All disputes regarding interpretation of the performance of these general terms and conditions and about interpretation of agreements for distance sales of ordered goods through online stores will be resolved by an agreement and in the event that such one is unachievable and provided that jurisdiction is not imperatively mentioned the dispute will be submitted for solution to a competent court in the city of Sofia in compliance with the rules of the lineal jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Code, and namely – Sofia District Court or Sofia City Court.


Intellectual Property

The whole web page content of, including photos, graphics, text, designs etc. are the property of KliVenTo LTD. Any use of the above mentioned materials, including modification, reproduction and distribution without the express written permission of KliVenTo Ltd. is punished provided by the law.


New Products

Price excl. tax: 273.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 327.60 лв.
Pellet boiler SFL 4

Pellet boiler SFL 4

Price excl. tax: 3,230.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 3,876.00 лв.
AQUA-1 Plus 260 LT

AQUA-1 Plus 260 LT

Price excl. tax: 3,590.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 4,308.00 лв.


Aluminium radiators Proteo 450

Aluminium radiators Proteo 450

Price excl. tax: 11.50 лв.
Price inc. tax: 13.80 лв.
Heating element

Heating element

Price excl. tax: 77.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 92.40 лв.
Flexible connection tube

Flexible connection tube

Price excl. tax: 50.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 60.00 лв.


KliVenTo provides warranty and post-warranty service of all supplied equipment and provision of spare parts for a period of  10 years.

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