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Solid fuel boiler FL 5

Heat output:  wood - 36 kW.

                    coke - 42 kW.

                    pellet - 36 kW


Can be purchased on loan program of energy efficiency in the home (REECL) with 20% discount

Price excl. tax: 1,880.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 2,256.00 лв.


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Cast-iron boiler, wood or coke fired as a standard, or can be converted to pellet operation through a suitable kit. Pellet conversion kit can be chosen for pellet only permanent operation (single door) or for reversible pellet operation (double door).Class 3 efficiency EN 303-5:1999. Generous combustion chamber and large loading door, with front access. Adjustable smokes deflector on back flues outlet. Thermostatic regulator supplied as a standard, in order to control flow temperature and combustion quality as well as consumptions.

Available as an option a safety overtemperature kit in case boiler’s temperature reaches 95°C.  For order, please look at the category Accessories Solid fuel boilers.



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